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Clean It

Everyday quick and gentle cleaners for everything from stainless steel to kitchen countertops and electronics. Clean It products will refresh your surfaces, revealing their natural shine without leaving residue. They are gentle on surfaces but tough on messes.

multi surface everyday cleaner antibacterial

Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner

Cleans and disinfects most hard surfaces*.
pledge multisurface cleaner spray

Multisurface Cleaner Trigger

Gentle on surfaces, tough on messes.
multi surface everyday cleaner wipes

Multisurface Wipes

Ready to clean whenever you are.
dust allergen furniture spray

Dust & Allergen Multisurface Cleaner

Removes dust and allergens in dust from your hard surfaces.

Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner

Wood never looked so good.
floorcare multi surface squirt and mop

Multisurface Floor Cleaner

A quick and gentle clean for multiple types of floors.

Multisurface Floor Cleaner Concentrate

A powerful clean for a variety of floors in your home.
floor care hardwood cleaner spray

Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner Spray

Revealing the natural beauty of your wood floors is just a spray away.
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