SC Johnson® Paste Wax

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Cleans and polishes floors and furniture,
restoring, revitalizing and leaving a shine.

SC Johnson® Paste Wax deep-cleans a variety of surfaces, including wood furniture, hardwood floors and metal, leather, plastic, cork and vinyl surfaces. Its original blend of hard-finish waxes produces a rich, satiny luster. It's excellent for helping to revitalize antique furniture and for cleaning and revitalizing wood floors.

This product is safe to use on:

Cork  Floors (Sealed) Cork Floors (Sealed)
Vinyl Floors Vinyl Floors
Damaged & Worn Wood Damaged & Worn Wood

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SC Johnson® Paste Wax provides lasting beauty and protection for all wood, metal, leather, plastic, cork and vinyl surfaces.

  • Clean surface of heavy dirt and sticky spots. Use a solvent-based cleaner for floors; use mild soap and water for furniture.
  • Apply a thin, even coat of wax, working with the grain.
  • Allow to dry to a haze, then buff with soft cloth. For floors, wait 20–30 minutes before buffing with electric polisher.
  • On recently sealed surfaces, check instructions of finishing manufacturer as to length of time required to wait before waxing.
  • On light vinyl, test small area first to avoid staining or discoloration.
  • Do not use on rubber or asphalt tile.
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